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                                                                   RECEIVE HIM


God, I know that in my lifetime, I have not always lived for You and I have sinned in ways I probably don't even know yet are sins.  I know that You have plans for me and I want to live in those plans.  I pray to You for forgiveness for the ways in which I have sinned.  I AM CHOOSING NOW to accept You, into my heart  I am eternally grateful for Your sacrifice on the cross and how You died so I can have life.  I pray that I will be filled with the Holy Spirit and that I continue to live as You desire for me to live.  I will strive to overcome temptations and no longer let sin control me.  I put myself, my life and my future in Your Hands.  I pray that You work in my life and guide my steps so that I continue to live for you for the rest of this life. 

In Jesus Name, I pray!!!              

                                                        THANK YOU GOD!!!























                                           REDEDICATING YOUR LIFE TO JESUS CHRIST



God, I am sorry for my sin.  I am sorry that I have strayed from you.  I ask you to forgive me now as I repent of my sin.  I don't want to live like a prodigal any longer.  Renew and revive me as I once again follow you as my God.  Thank you for your forgiveness.  In Jesus'' Name I pray!





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